Typical Pain Points | For Studio Owners & Managers

Here's a list I've compiled of some common pain points that Pilates studio owners and managers face.  All of these issues can be resolved - some quickly, some over time.

  • Identity Crisis - no brand identity or brand story.
  • No marketing - no clear brand = no good marketing.
  • Unclear marketing strategy - there's marketing but it's not clear or efficient.
  • Staff development - most studios aren't doing much by way of staff development, sadly. 
  • Lack of leadership - probably the #1 issue resulting in major staffing difficulties. 
  • Lack of management - who's running things? 
  • Lack of direction - a list of goals and dreams with no clear path to get there.
  • Reactive - most owners and managers are reactive rather than proactive.
  • Business software - is your software a mess?  Most scheduling sites are confusing and lack clarity.  
  • Unclear pricing structure - there's a science to pricing, if you're not using a structure, you have a pricing problem!
  • Social media - do you have a clear social media campaign?
  • Website - how's your site?  SEO?  Search returns?  
  • Online reviews - how do you stack up?  Do you stack up?  
  • Client retention - what's your retention percentage YOY? MOM?  Less than 50% YOY is a huge and expensive problem.  
  • Is your schedule efficient?  Are you making the most out of our prime time hours?  What happens in your slow hours? 

Together we dive deep and get to the underlying issues, fix them  and begin to build a sustainable, profitable business.  If you're not taking vacation, paying yourself three ways (as a teacher if you teach, as an owner and as the manager if you run the business) and finding joy in ownership -- you might consider working with me to get down to root causes.  #wellness